Things to Consider With Concrete Delivery Services

Most of us overlook just how much value the concrete industry provides for our society. In fact, the concrete industry in the United States alone is worth more than $67 billion every single year!

Part of the incredible value that the concrete industry provides is the convenience that comes with concrete delivery services. These days, you can order concrete straight to your building site.

Of course, it is important to make the right choice when choosing concrete delivery services. Things go much more smoothly and you end up with a higher quality result when you work with a quality supplier. But how can you make sure that you pick a quality service?

Read on to learn all about the most important factors you should consider when you are choosing concrete delivery services!

Hanford Ready-Mix Concrete Delivery Truck

1. You Should Pick Suppliers for Concrete Who Are Not Too Far Away

There are a number of disadvantages that you will have to deal with if you pick a concrete delivery service that is located very far away from you. Although the right service might be able to make up for these disadvantages, you should still keep them in mind.

The first problem is that your shipment will inevitably take longer. The farther the distance that a concrete delivery service has to travel, the longer the wait you will have until your concrete arrives. Some special suppliers might be willing to leave very early in the day to make sure that you get your concrete quickly, but that is certainly not always the case.

On top of that, even a supplier who is willing to drive early to deliver your concrete may not be able to provide the same quality as a supplier that is closer to you. After all, many kinds of concrete should be poured as soon as possible for maximum results.

That means that if a company has to drive four hours to bring your concrete to you, the concrete may lose a significant amount of quality in transit.

Even if you were able to work around both of these problems, you will still probably have to pay for the greater distance. Any company that is willing to work around these problems deserves to be paid for doing so. At the very least, you will be paying extra money for convenience, fuel, and transportation costs.

Here at Hanford Sand & Gravel, we have multiple locations to cover the Greater Sacramento area in an efficient manner. Give Hanford a call today to schedule you’re cement delivery!

2. Spend Some Time Reading Online Reviews

These days, almost every business or service has listings on Google and Yelp. Both of these websites collect reviews so that everybody can see how well the company has served customers in the past. If you want to know how a company will perform for you, the best place is first to hear from word-of-mouth, and then these review sites. People close to you will give you an honest review of a ready-mix delivery if they’ve ever had one. Their websites and review sites are the next best place to look to see how they have performed for others.

The first thing to look at is the overall ratings that each concrete delivery service receives. In general, the higher rating is, the more likely that service is to provide you with quality service.

However, you should also keep in mind the number of reviews. After all, if a company has a single 5-star review, that may not be as credible as a company with only a 4.8-star rating, but with 1000 reviews.

You should pick the companies with the most and best reviews and then look into them further.

The next thing to look at is the content of the written reviews about each company. There is a lot of information in these reviews that can help you better understand the meaning of the high ratings that a company may have

Sometimes, you might discover that a higher rating does not mean very much to you. For example, if a company has very high ratings because they provide an extremely high-quality product, but you do not have any interest in that particular product, then the ratings may not be relevant to your particular situation.

3. Consider Vehicle Size for a Great Concrete Delivery Experience

If at all possible, you want a concrete delivery service that can deliver all the concrete you need in a single trip. Hopefully, a service will have a vehicle large enough to bring everything you need.

Make sure to ask about vehicle sizes before you commit to a specific delivery service. If they don’t have the vehicles you need, they may not be the right choice for you.

The same applies if you need a small truck. If your project is out-of-the-way, the road might be narrow. In that case, you might need to make sure that the delivery service you are talking to has a small enough truck to meet you where you are.

4. Make Sure You Are Comparing Delivery Costs

Of course, the cost is always a relevant consideration when choosing a service. If you have two local concrete delivery companies that have similar value, then you’ll probably want to pick the one with the better deal. Sometimes, the best company may provide the best service, but at a price that is not worth it for you. Hanford Ready-Mix strives to provide high-quality delivery services every time.

5. Be Clear About if You Need Concrete for Landscaping or Other Purposes

Different kinds of concrete are important for different kinds of projects. Make sure to give the concrete delivery service you talk to lots of details about your project. You need to make sure that they provide the exact kind of product that you need.

Make the Right Choice When Choosing Concrete Delivery Services

We hope that this brief article on the most important things you should keep in mind when choosing concrete delivery services has been helpful to you. Although it can take a little bit of extra time, finding the right supplier is an investment that will more than pay for itself.

To learn more about why it is important to pick the right concrete delivery services for your situation or to find a quality supplier, feel free to reach out and get in touch with us here at any time!


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