50/50 Premium Blend

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50/50 Premium Blend Description

The 50/50 Premium Blend is a harmonious marriage of nutrient-rich compost and versatile topsoil, providing gardeners with the best of both worlds. This meticulously balanced mix guarantees an optimal growing environment, fostering robust plant health and bountiful yields. Its rich, brown hue paints a picture of the organic wealth contained within, ensuring plants receive both essential nutrients and an aerated medium for healthy root growth. Whether you’re looking to enrich a raised bed, plant vibrant flowers, or ensure your lawn thrives, this blend is the top choice for gardeners who refuse to compromise. While it lays the groundwork for plant success, following standard gardening care routines will ensure the garden remains lush and vibrant.

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50/50 Premium Blend Specs

Other Names

50-50 Soil Mix, Compost-Topsoil Blend, Garden Mix

Delivery Sizes

Small & Large Quantities Available

Use Cases

Raised Garden Beds, Vegetable and Flower Planting, Lawn Topdressing, Tree and Shrub Planting, Soil Amendment

Use Environment

Residential Gardens, Greenhouses, Commercial Landscaping, Urban Farms

Color Variations

50/50 Premium Blend typically showcases a rich, medium to dark brown hue, a clear indicator of its combined organic matter and nutrient content.


This blend offers a balanced texture, combining the crumbly nature of topsoil with the richness of compost, ensuring both good aeration and moisture retention.


Given its popularity among gardening enthusiasts and professionals, 50/50 Premium Blend is generally available year-round.


After application, regular garden maintenance practices like watering, mulching, and occasional fertilizing will ensure its sustained fertility and health.

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