3/4" Crushed Rock

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3/4 Crushed Rock Description

3/4″ Crushed Rock is a diverse collection of stones, each carefully processed through a 3/4″ screen to maintain consistent size. As a result of mechanical crushing, each piece exhibits angular and jagged edges, providing a stable and compactable material that’s crucial in various construction applications.

Frequently utilized for driveways, pathways, concrete slab bases, french drains, and erosion control, this crushed rock is one of the most commonly used materials in the construction industry. Its varied color palette spans from grays and blues to browns and whites, infusing a natural, rustic appeal into any project.

Available year-round and requiring minimal maintenance, this 3/4″ crushed rock, with its balance of practicality and aesthetics, offers an ideal solution for creating durable surfaces in both residential and commercial settings.

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3/4 Crushed Rock Specs

Other Names

3/4″ Crushed Stone, 3/4″ Aggregate, Three-Quarter Inch Gravel, Road Base

Delivery Sizes

Small & Large Quantities Available

Use Cases

Base Material for Pavers, Walkways, and Driveways, Concrete Mix, Drainage Applications, Landscaping Needs, Pathways, Base for Concrete Blocks

Use Environment

Residential, Commercial, Construction

Color Variations

The 3/4″ Crushed Rock can exhibit a diverse color palette, depending on its mineral composition and source. Typically, the colors range from shades of gray, blue, brown, to white. In some cases, it may contain a blend of these colors, providing a more rustic and natural look.


3/4″ Crushed Rock is known for its angular and irregular shape, a result of the mechanical crushing process. Unlike river rocks, these stones have a coarser texture, which contributes to its excellent compaction properties and provides a stable base for various applications.


3/4″ Crushed Rock is a standard aggregate in the construction industry, which makes it typically available year-round. However, availability might depend on regional demand and supply factors.


Maintenance for 3/4″ Crushed Rock is minimal. While it does not erode or decompose, it may require occasional replenishment and compaction in high-traffic areas to maintain its level and integrity. Cleaning is rarely necessary, but if desired, a simple rinse with a garden hose can remove accumulated dust or debris.

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