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Fill Sand, also known as Backfill Sand or Utility Sand, is a versatile construction and landscaping material. Usually available in shades of tan to light brown, Fill Sand is primarily used for backfilling trenches or holes, leveling ground, serving as a base for pavers or pool liners, and for mixing into concrete. Its gritty, granular texture allows for excellent drainage and compaction, making it a reliable choice for various construction and landscaping applications. While Fill Sand is low-maintenance once in place, regular checks are recommended in erosion-prone areas to ensure stability. Available in bulk and year-round, Fill Sand continues to be a staple in residential, commercial, and construction settings.

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Fill Sand Specs

Other Names

Backfill Sand, Utility Sand, Leveling Sand

Delivery Sizes

Available in Small & Large Quantities

Use Cases

Backfilling, Leveling Ground, Base for Pavers, Under Pool Liners, Concrete Mixing

Use Environment

Residential, Commercial, Construction, Infrastructure

Color Variations

Fill Sand color can vary but it typically comes in shades of tan to light brown. Its color depends on the type of rock from which it was derived


As its name suggests, Fill Sand has a gritty, loose, and granular texture, enabling good drainage and compaction


Fill Sand is a common construction material and is typically available year-round


Once in place, Fill Sand requires minimal maintenance. However, in some applications where erosion is possible, regular checks and occasional topping up may be needed