1 1/2" Lodi Gold Rock

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1 1/2" Lodi Gold Rock Description

The 1 1/2″ Lodi Gold Rock, distinct from its smaller counterpart, provides a more pronounced statement in landscaping designs. Its size makes it ideal for features requiring a robust presence, such as retaining walls, dry riverbeds, or as accent stones in garden settings. With a warm, golden hue accentuated by amber and light tan streaks, these rocks bring an aura of natural opulence to any space they occupy. Their varied texture, ranging from smooth surfaces to more rugged edges, further accentuates their rustic appeal. Whether used as a primary feature or as a complement to other landscaping elements, the 1 1/2″ Lodi Gold Rock promises durability with minimal maintenance, ensuring your space remains effortlessly picturesque year-round.

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1 1/2" Lodi Gold Specs

Other Names

1 1/2″ Lodi Gold Pebbles, 1 1/2″ Golden Lodi Boulders, Large Lodi Gold Stones

Delivery Sizes

Available in Small & Large Quantities, Bulk

Use Cases

Landscaping, Accent Features, Retaining Walls, Dry Riverbeds, Garden Borders, Ground Cover

Use Environment

Residential, Commercial

Color Variations

1 1/2″ Lodi Gold Rock boasts a rich golden hue, often interspersed with amber and light tan streaks, making each piece uniquely radiant.


Being larger in size, the 1 1/2″ Lodi Gold Rock often has a mix of textures – some surfaces may be relatively smooth, while others can be rougher or more rugged, enhancing its natural charm.


This particular size of Lodi Gold Rock, due to its unique visual appeal and versatile utility, is typically available year-round.


Given its larger size, 1 1/2″ Lodi Gold Rock requires minimal upkeep. To preserve its luster, periodic washing to remove dirt or organic matter is beneficial.

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