3/8" Lodi Gold Rock

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3/8" Lodi Gold Rock Description

3/8″ Lodi Gold Rock, often referred to as 3/8″ Golden Lodi Stone or Yellow Lodi Rock, is a visually striking landscaping material known for its warm, sunlit golden or yellow shades. These shades, sometimes combined with subtle brown or beige nuances, provide an earthy yet radiant feel to any landscape. Whether used for pathways, rock gardens, borders, or as a decorative ground cover, its hue never fails to uplift the ambiance. Its texture, generally smooth due to natural weathering, can occasionally have rougher pieces, adding to its natural appeal. This rock’s durability and low maintenance requirements, combined with its aesthetic qualities, make it a favorite among landscape designers and homeowners alike. For those looking to infuse a touch of golden sunshine into their outdoor spaces year-round, 3/8″ Lodi Gold Rock is an impeccable choice.

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3/8" Lodi Gold Specs

Other Names

3/8″ Lodi Gold Gravel, 3/8″ Golden Lodi Stone, 3/8″ Yellow Lodi Rock

Delivery Sizes

Small & Large Quantities Available

Use Cases

Landscaping, Decorative Ground Cover, Pathways, Rock Gardens, Planters, Aquascapes, Borders

Use Environment

Residential, Commercial

Color Variations

3/8″ Lodi Gold Rock is characterized by its golden or yellow hues, often interspersed with subtle hints of brown or beige, giving it a warm, sunlit appearance.


3/8″ Lodi Gold Rock usually has a somewhat smooth texture, thanks to the natural weathering process, but it can also contain occasional rough or angular pieces.


3/8″ Salt & Pepper Rock is a popular choice for decorative purposes and is typically available year-round.


Lodi Gold Rock is low maintenance. However, occasional rinsing might be required to maintain its bright, golden hue and remove accumulated dust or debris.

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