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1x4 Rock Description

The 1×4 Rock is an assortment of stones ranging in size from 1″ down to 1/4″. Sourced from natural aquatic environments, the years of water exposure have smoothed their surfaces, giving them a polished look and feel.

Their color spectrum is predominantly a cool blend of gray and blue hues, sprinkled occasionally with subtle hints of brown. This balance of colors imbues a natural, earthy feel, making these rocks an ideal choice for various landscaping projects.

The combination of size, smooth texture, and color variance gives the 1×4 rock a versatile appeal, catering to different aesthetics and functional requirements in both residential and commercial landscapes.

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1x4 Rock Specs

Other Names

1×4, River Rock, 1″ x 4″ Rock

Delivery Sizes

Small & Large Quantities Available

Use Cases

Ground Cover, Drainage Areas, Creek Beds, Landscaping Needs, Decorative Purposes, Pathways, Water Features

Use Environment

Residential, Commercial

Color Variations

This 1×4 Rock comes in a variety of colors. Standard color variations include shades of gray, brown, tan, white.


The texture of this 1×4 Rock is usually smooth, due to the natural weathering process. Its shape is irregular, with mostly rounded edges, providing a natural and organic look and feel. Some pieces may be more angular based on their formation.


This rock is typically available year-round.


1×4 Rock is low maintenance. Once it is set, it does not require frequent attention. It may occasionally need washing to maintain its color and remove dust or debris. This can be done with a simple garden hose.

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