Cobbles (River Rock)

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Cobbles Description

Cobbles, often referred to as River Rock, are rounded stones that have been naturally weathered and eroded by river waters over time. They typically range in size from 2 to 10 inches in diameter, making them versatile for various landscaping projects. The smooth, rounded texture and the mix of gray, brown, tan, and white colors lend a natural and aesthetic appeal to any landscape. Whether used for garden edging, pathways, water features, or simply as a decorative ground cover, these low maintenance rocks can enhance the overall look of both residential and commercial environments.

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Cobble Specs

Other Names

River Cobbles, Cobblestone, Rounded River Rocks

Delivery Sizes

Available in Small & Large Quantities

Use Cases

Landscaping, Garden Edging, Water Features, Pathways, Ground Cover, Decorative Purposes

Use Environment

Residential, Commercial, Parks & Recreation

Color Variations

River Rock Cobbles come in a variety of colors, depending on their mineral composition and the area they’re sourced from. Common colors include shades of gray, brown, tan, and white.


Cobbles have a smooth, rounded shape and texture due to years of natural weathering and erosion by river water.


River Rock Cobbles are typically available year-round.


Cobbles are very low maintenance. They do not decompose, erode, or change color over time. They may need occasional rinsing to maintain their vibrant color and to remove dust or debris.