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Black Sand is a unique and captivating type of sand known for its intense, deep black color, primarily derived from volcanic terrains. Its magnetic nature, attributed to minerals like magnetite, sets it apart from other sands and makes it a popular choice for magnet demonstrations, mineral collections, and certain educational projects. Beyond its educational value, Black Sand is cherished in the realms of design and decoration. Whether it’s used to contrast lighter elements in landscaping, as a bed in aquariums, or in craft and art projects, its rich color offers a dramatic touch. The texture of Black Sand, predominantly fine to medium, ensures a smooth feel. However, its magnetic properties can occasionally cause it to clump, especially when in proximity to magnetic fields. Though not as ubiquitous as its beige counterpart, Black Sand is accessible throughout the year, particularly near regions with volcanic activity. Maintenance is minimal, but for those wishing to keep its color pristine, occasional care might be warranted.

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Black Sand Specs

Other Names

Magnetic Sand, Volcanic Sand, Basalt Sand

Delivery Sizes

Small & Large Quantities Available

Use Cases

Landscaping, Decorative Ground Cover, Aquariums, Art Projects, Mineral Collection, Craft Projects, Magnet Demonstrations

Use Environment

Residential, Commercial, Educational, Recreational

Color Variations

Black Sand, true to its name, predominantly comes in a rich, deep black color, but can sometimes have specks of other minerals that can lend slight variations in hue.


Black Sand often has a fine to medium grain size with a somewhat magnetic nature due to the presence of minerals like magnetite.


While it’s not as commonly found as other types of sand, Black Sand is available year-round, especially in areas near volcanic terrains.


In decorative settings, occasional rinsing or replenishing might be needed to maintain its deep black color and consistency.

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