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Con Sand, commonly known as Concrete Sand or Sharp Sand, is a type of coarse sand characterized by its angular granules. This angularity, paired with its coarseness, makes it ideal for binding, granting it a prime role in concrete mixing and masonry work. Beyond construction, its durability and compactness make it a top choice for paver bases, sandboxes, volleyball courts, and even as a traction agent on snowy and icy roads. Typically found in a uniform light beige or gray shade, Con Sand can have slight color variations based on its source. Its widespread utility ensures its availability throughout the year. While it’s hard-wearing by nature, areas of high traffic or play may need occasional maintenance to preserve its quality and appearance.

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Con Sand Specs

Other Names

Concrete Sand, Sharp Sand, Masonry Sand, Builders Sand

Delivery Sizes

Small & Large Quantities Available

Use Cases

Concrete Mixing, Paver Base, Masonry Work, Sandboxes, Volleyball Courts, Underneath Above-ground Pools, Traction on Snowy and Icy Roads

Use Environment

Residential, Commercial, Construction, Recreational

Color Variations

Con Sand typically comes in a uniform light beige or gray color, though the exact hue can vary based on regional sourcing.


Con Sand has a coarse texture with larger and angular granules, providing better compaction and binding qualities.


Given its widespread use in construction and recreational applications, Con Sand is generally available year-round.


When used for recreational purposes like sandboxes or volleyball courts, occasional raking or replenishment might be required to maintain its texture and depth.

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