Dolomite (Dolostone)

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Dolomite Description

Dolomite is a versatile mineral used for a wide range of applications. It primarily comes in white to gray colors, though impurities can give it slight pink or brown hues. Whether utilized in landscaping as a decorative stone, in building and construction, or in agriculture as a soil pH adjuster, dolomite is appreciated for its durability and low-maintenance characteristics. Available year-round and in bulk quantities, it offers an attractive and practical choice for residential, commercial, and industrial projects. The granular texture of this mineral can be manipulated according to specific needs, providing further flexibility in its use.

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Dolomite Specs

Other Names

Dolostone, Dolomite Rock, Dolomite Mineral

Delivery Sizes

Available in Small & Large Quantities

Use Cases

Landscaping, Aggregate in Concrete and Asphalt, Soil pH Adjuster, Decorative Stone, Building and Construction

Use Environment

Residential, Commercial, Agricultural, Industrial

Color Variations

Dolomite typically comes in a range of white to gray hues, but can also exhibit slight pink or brown tones, depending on impurities present in the mineral.


This mineral usually has a granular texture with a shiny sparkle appearance.


Dolomite is widely used in various industries and is typically available year-round.


Dolomite is a low-maintenance material. It does not decompose or erode easily, thus requires minimal upkeep once set in place.

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