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Black Bark Description

Black Bark, often referred to as Black Mulch, is a landscaping material made from shredded wood or bark. With its rich, dark color, it provides a stunning contrast to the greenery and blooming colors in gardens and landscapes. Apart from its aesthetic appeal, Black Bark serves a practical role in moisture retention, weed control, and soil temperature regulation. It slowly decomposes over time, enriching the soil with organic matter. Available year-round, this low-maintenance landscaping material adds a touch of elegance and functionality to both residential and commercial environments. Regular turning over and occasional replenishment can keep it looking fresh and performing well.

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Black Bark Specs

Other Names

Black Mulch, Black Wood Chips, Black Shredded Bark

Delivery Sizes

Available in Small & Large Quantities, Bulk & Bagged

Use Cases

Landscaping, Soil Moisture Retention, Weed Control, Temperature Regulation, Aesthetic Ground Cover

Use Environment

Residential, Commercial, Parks & Recreation

Color Variations

As the name implies, Black Bark has a rich, dark black color that provides a stark contrast to green plants and colorful flowers, highlighting their features.


Black Bark typically has a coarse texture, as it’s made from shredded wood or bark.


Black Bark is commonly used in landscaping and is typically available year-round.


While Black Bark is relatively low-maintenance, it may need occasional replenishing as it decomposes over time. It can also be turned over periodically to refresh its color and improve aeration.

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