Ready-Mix Delivery Cost Guide: 4 Things You Need to Know

How much does it cost to purchase concrete? Do you want ready-mix delivery, or to buy the concrete by bag and mix it by hand?

All these concerns could affect the cost of concrete for your project. For example, if you plan to use concrete to pour a foundation project, you may need to have it delivered. That’s where a ready-mix delivery comes in handy.

However, whether you’re a pro or a DIY builder, it’s vital to have a precise budget outlined before you start any project. Be sure to call your ready-mix supplier and talk to them about their current prices.

So before you search for your local concrete delivery companies, keep reading to help calculate your concrete delivery cost.

1. Average Concrete Delivery Cost

Different concrete cement projects may need different kinds of delivery. Depending on the required type, the concrete delivery costs can vary drastically.

The most common kinds are short load and full load. However, mix-on-site or tow-behind is becoming more popular for those who need control of their cement strength. Hanford Sand & Gravel does not offer mix-on-site or tow-behind buggies.

2. Concrete Cost Per Yard

Concrete gets delivered per cubic yard, costing up to $200+ per cubic yard with no delivery. Make sure to call your Ready-Mix Company to discuss the prices. The business standard concrete delivery trucks can haul ten cubic yards of concrete. 

All amounts that are under a certain amount of cubic yards delivery will have a short load cost payment. Short-load prices can vary depending on the amount of ready-mix you are ordering. The cost for concrete deliveries of more than ten cubic yards can vary, so you’ll have to call your local ready-mix company to get the current pricing and double-check your budget.

3. Type of Concrete

In the initial stage, take note that there are other kinds of concrete, including color, slump, and sack. So delivery costs vary depending on the concrete you buy, how much you need, and how far it gets hauled. 

4. Pounds Per Square Inch 

The price of concrete differs when measuring through pounds per square since (PSI).

When searching for ready-mix delivery concrete near me, checking the PSI is essential. Specific projects need a PSI level to pass inspections and guarantee the safety of people using the building. 

The PSI links to how efficiently the concrete can hold a load or take compression. Failure to use the proper concrete PSI may lead to issues down the road.

Hanford Sand & Gravel: Ready-Mix Delivery

The business average ready-mix delivery concrete truck can haul ten cubic yards in one go. Ten cubic yards or a full-load concrete truck can carry a half or small load for small projects.

Both kinds of cargo have different delivery costs, including the cost of concrete per yard. Remember to use your specs and get estimates and a list of requirements to see how much your concrete project will cost. 

Are you looking for a Sacramento ready-mix delivery company right now? Then, look no further, as we are here to help you out! We can deliver the products that you need, from concrete and cement to soil and landscape materials!

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