Onsite Concrete vs Ready-Mix Delivery in Sacramento


Did you know that the price of construction materials increased by over 10% in the past three years? With rampant inflation and plenty of supply chain issues, construction projects are becoming more expensive than ever.

This situation has left many construction companies looking for solutions. Is it possible to cut construction costs without compromising the quality of a project? Could DIY concrete mixture reduce final costs?

The answer to these questions depends a lot on the project that you are working on. Choosing DIY site-mixed concrete versus a ready mix concrete delivery is a big decision.

We have put together a guide to help you understand the pros and cons of each option. Read on to learn more.

What Is Concrete?

Concrete is a popular construction material known for its durability and strength. It is especially useful for projects in regions with extreme weather conditions, including hot temperatures and powerful winds.

To make concrete, manufacturers mix Portland cement and water to create a paste. The paste is then mixed with sand and gravel. 

While this may sound fairly straightforward, there are two main categories of concrete that we use in construction: DIY concrete mixture and ready-mix concrete. And, the two differ considerably in both production and usage.

DIY Site Mixed Concrete

Do-it-yourself site-mixed concrete is a type of concrete that you can make right on the construction site. Some construction companies find this method useful, as it allows you to determine the exact hardness of the final product.

However, this DIY method isn’t as simple as just buying some cement and mixing it with sand. In fact, you will have to follow a very specific formula to make the correct type of concrete for your building.

Failure to follow the exact concrete recipe means that your final project runs the risk of failure. Because of this, you should only use DIY site-mixed concrete if you are 100% confident that you know what you’re doing.

Ready Mix Concrete

Unlike DIY site mixed concrete, ready mix concrete is manufactured at a plant. This means that you will not have to bother with concrete formulas or the mixing process. 

Instead, ready mix concrete is delivered straight to your project in a smooth, soft state. With ready mix concrete, there is no need to add cement or even a little bit more water. Simply receive your concrete order and get to work! 

Can I Save Money With DIY Site Mixed Concrete?

If you are looking to cut costs on a construction project, DIY site mixed concrete is unfortunately not the way to go. While it’s true that most DIY projects save money, DIY concrete can be really expensive.

The issue with site mixed concrete boils down to two factors: manpower and machinery. As mentioned above, you can’t just invent your own concrete recipe. Each construction project requires a precise concrete formula to work.

Because of this, you will need a team of people to create the concrete for you. Not only will you have to hire someone to make the correct concrete formula for your project; but, you will also need to hire folks to mix it via a machine.

You will also probably have to pay for a supervisor, who will oversee the different batches and their set times. Otherwise, you risk ending up with an inconsistent product.

In terms of machinery, you will also have to hire a concrete mixer. This machine will have to be transported to your construction site, which can also slow down construction time.

All in all, if you are hoping to save time or money, DIY site mixed concrete is not a good idea. This type of concrete requires more manpower and onsite machinery, which can up your costs of production considerably.

Is Ready Mix Concrete The More Convenient Option?

The answer to that question in one word is: yes. Ready-mix concrete is an extremely convenient option, especially when compared to the hassle of DIY site mixed concrete.

Since ready mix concrete is made at a plant, you won’t have to worry about any complicated recipes or formulas. Instead, you can simply request that a manufacturer send you the correct type of concrete.

This is great for anyone who doesn’t want the burden of transporting a concrete mixer to a construction site. If you don’t hire a concrete mixer, you will have more time and space to concentrate on other aspects of the project. 

In terms of manpower, ready mix concrete is also less expensive. As opposed to hiring a huge team to create the concrete, you will only have to hire a few specialists to pour and set it.

If you are hoping for something even more convenient, you can also order pre-made concrete blocks. These construction materials can be delivered straight to the site of your project, eliminating all of the headaches of DIY projects.  

Ultimately, ready mix concrete is best for reducing the amount of time it takes to complete a construction project. It is fast, easy, and convenient. And oftentimes it is also less expensive.

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