Gravel, Cobbles, Rock and More

The gravel, cobble, & rocks you choose will help set the tone for the rest of your landscape. They offer several advantages over mulch and bark like:

  • Low Maintenance: You almost never need to replace gravel, cobble, & rocks.
  • Lower Cost: Because they’re longer lasting, it is generally less expensive to mulch with rocks over time.
  • Fire-Resistance: If you live in an area with wildfires, rocks could be better since they’re non-flammable.
  • Wind-Resistant: Rocks and cobble are great at preventing soil erosion in windy areas or sloped surfaces.
  • Perfect for Rock and Cacti Gardens: Rocks and cobble are just right for these types of landscaping!

22192428_184352-smaller Large Cobble

Gravel, Cobbles, & Rocks

1 1/2" Round Rock
1 x 4
16 inch Minus Cobbles
Dolomite (Dolostone)
Dolomite (Dolostone)
3/8" Pea Gravel
3/8 inch Pea Gravel
3/8" Salt & Pepper
3/8 inch Salt & Pepper
3/4" Salt & Pepper Rock
3/4 inch Salt & Pepper
3/4" Crushed Rock
3/4 inch Crushed Rock
Blue Crush
3/4" Blue Crushed Rock

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