A Guide to Choosing a Concrete Delivery Service

Are you planning on building or renovating your home, pavement, dam, or driveway? If so, concrete is one of the building materials you must have. For this reason, you must choose the best concrete delivery service near.

But for your construction project to be successful, your concrete must be of the right quality and quantity. Otherwise, poor-quality concrete will put your construction project in jeopardy.

Out there, many concrete delivery companies will promise to offer quality services. But some are unreliable and inexperienced. As a homeowner or a construction manager, the last thing you want is a delay in your construction project due to insufficient or poor quality concrete.

Thus, you have to choose a reputable and reliable concrete delivery company. But if you don’t know what to look for, choosing the best supplier might be challenging. If you land on the wrong concrete supplier, you will waste money and effort.

So how do you ensure to choose the best ready mix concrete delivery services near me? Worry no more.

Here is a complete guide to choosing a concrete delivery service near me.


Most construction projects are cost-intensive; hence, errors and delays must be avoided. If you are building your home’s foundation, the quality of your concrete is something you cannot afford to compromise.

Whether you need concrete for your home’s foundation or driveway renovation, you must hire an experienced supplier.

An experienced supplier is likely to possess the right skills in formulating and mixing concrete for all types of projects. For this reason, you must check on the experience of a concrete delivery company.

You can check the number of years they have been in the industry. A company that has been delivering concrete for years is likely to be more reliable. For instance, Hanford Sand & Gravel has been in business for over 47 years. Therefore, you know that they are providing quality ready-mix because they have been around for such a long time. You can also request the ready-mix supplier to show you their past delivery projects.

Always look for a concrete company that takes pride in their work

Check Reputation

A concrete supplier being in the industry for a long time is not a guarantee for quality services. Some suppliers have been delivering concrete for years, but their services fall short of expectations.

Thus, you need to assess the kind of reputation the supplier has. You can start by reading online reviews. Not all online reviews are created equal, so be sure to know what you’re looking for.

A good way to get reliable feedback, check for third-party reviews like those on Better Business Bureau. Such reviews are more genuine and reliable. When reading reviews, the aim is not always to find a supplier with 100% positive reviews.

You want to find a company like Hanford Ready-Mix. They have a lot of positive reviews on google reviews and even have an A+ rating on the BBB.

If the supplier has included referrals on their website, you can call them and inquire about the quality of their services.

If the supplier’s reputation from both referrals and online reviews looks impressive, they might be the right choice for the job.

Compare Prices

When handling a construction project, you have to stick to a budget. Choosing a concrete company that will include hidden charges will stretch your budget. For this reason, you need to compare the concrete delivery cost from various companies.

If the company offers more than delivery services, inquire for a fee breakdown structure. This will help you determine every item charged by the supplier. By comparing the various prices, you can land at a concrete delivery company offering services within your budgets range.

However, watch out for delivery companies charging prices that are too low or too good to be true. They are likely to be inexperienced or after taking advantage of you.

Thus, always deal with companies whose price charges lie within the market rate.


Check If They Have Insurance

During concrete delivery services, accidents could happen. The accidents might involve the delivery company employees getting injured while at your property. In such cases, you might be liable for their compensation.

In some instances, the accidents could lead to your property getting damaged. However, if you hire an insured concrete delivery company, you will avoid the compensation burden. A delivery company with workers comp insurance will have all injuries catered for by the insurance.

Besides, if the company has general liability insurance, any damage caused to your property will be compensated. Hire an insured concrete delivery near me and be stress-free from liability.

Assess Their Responsibility

There are concrete delivery companies that offer more than concrete truck delivery services. They might offer other services like installing concrete bricks, among others. Thus, before hiring a concrete company, ensure to ask whether they offer other services apart from concrete delivery.

If they don’t, ask whether there are reputable installation companies they can refer you to. If they refer you to other installation companies, ensure to check the reviews of those companies.

Hanford Sand & Gravel does not install any type of material. We only deliver the material.

Use the Above Tips to Choose the Best Concrete Delivery Service Near Me

Finding reliable concrete delivery services that match your budget might be challenging. However, choosing concrete suppliers offering professional services becomes easy with the right tips.

Follow the above guide on choosing a concrete delivery service near me and get it done right.

Are you looking for concrete delivery services in Sacramento Valley and the surrounding areas? At Hanford Sand and Gravel Inc., we got you covered.

We have quality concrete and cement at competitive prices for all your construction projects. We run up to 30 trucks daily to ensure your delivery needs are met.

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